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Poster: Purple Gel Date: Jun 8, 2014 10:12am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: CNN reports on the benefits of Shrooms... non-Dead

A very interesting and surprisingly positive CNN report on a recent Johns Hopkins study on psychedelic mushrooms.

A little heavy on the "hippy dippy" stuff in the beginning (of course they just couldn't resist using the phrase "Long strange trip), but for once, instead of just parroting decades-old gossip and anecdote-based propaganda, CNN appears to have practiced some actual journalism which is quite rare with today's mains stream media.

“At two months, the volunteers rated the experience as having... spiritual significance... and sustained positive changes in behavior."

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Poster: love'S own Dreams Date: Jun 9, 2014 3:14am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: CNN reports on the benefits of Shrooms... non-Dead

What??? Arrest them all for possession of class whatever natural grown illegal substance....

Just being sarcastic.

I have always agreed.. many benefits. May even help battle addictions with bad stuff, like for instance opiates and meth, which are destroying communities..

Ever hear of mushrooms destroying communities?? Maybe building some ...

Just makes me sick how corrupt our gov't is, all about capitalism, who ya know....

Don't they give mary jane to opiate addicts in Canada?? Not here, we just give them more opiates, maintenance drugs, which are worse!!!